Our Trainers

Fitness is not a destination it is a way of life.

Stern's Gym is the personal training home to a selected group of experienced, knowledgeable trainers. Each trainer offers generalized services as well as specializations. Feel free to stop by the Front Desk for recommendations based on your needs or contact the trainer you're interested in directly.


Loynie Brown

Stern's Gym Owner / Trainer.

- 15 years of experience.
- Strength and conditioning training.
- Nutrition.
- show preparation.
- @LoynieBrown

Jermaine Castañeda

“Strong through the struggle, persistent with the hustle”

- 13 years of experience.
- NSCA / ISSA certified.
- Trainer / Coach in: strength conditioning and physic management.
- Specialized on natural body building.
- Power lifting.
- @maineevent

Jermaine Castañeda

Feddy Moe

2x Olympian - Prep & Fitness Coach

- 20 years training experience.
- Wellness health coach.
- Yoga teacher.
- Certified personal trainer.
- 3x IFBB pro.
- 2x Olympian.
- @feddymoe

Frank Popoca

Hi, I’m Frank!

I’ve been training for over 12 years. I was a fitness trainer in the marines when I served. I’ve been doing competitive bodybuilding for the last 6 years. I’ve gained my experience and knowledge through various mentors and attending seminars. Over the course of my fitness career I’ve had the pleasure of being apart of many others fitness journey’s. I’ve trained with a wide range of ages throughout the years. I have experience with lifestyle training/diet and competition style diet/training. It’s a rewarding experience to see someone accomplish their goals and feel good in their bodies! Let’s link up! My Instagram is a great place to see clients I’ve worked with, check it out: @the_classic_aztec

Frank Popoca

Art Solorio - Muscle Fit

"Rise Above and Overcome"

Art Solorio is a professional fitness trainer offering peak functiona fitness, strength and cardio flexibility. Get in touch with Art at (619) 453-2446 or through his Facebook page at

Chezz Bruce

Fitness Consulting Supplementation/Nutrition

Fitness Equipment, Fitness Consulting, Coaching and Supplementation by appointment only! Contact Chezz through his Instagram page at

Chezz Bruce


Genesis Personal Training Services

Get in touch with Randy at . (619) 517-5957