In Memoriam: Bill Moore

Training in the big gym in the sky now.

Bill Moore - Bodies By Bill
In Memoriam

Bill Moore - Bodies By Bill

"Where Looking Good is Understood!"

Bill specialized in addressing the fitness needs of mature men and women with experienced technical instruction, nutritional advice, and motivation. He worked one-to-one with each client to develop individualized fitness programs that complimented the individual’s objectives, personality, and lifestyle. "I've spent many enjoyable years in the fitness industry as an athlete, competitor, and personal trainer." Some of Bill's certifications included AIFE, Older Adult Fitness, ACE Certified Personal Trainer (since 1999) and he was a member of the National Physique Committee, the American Bodybuilding Association, and the American Institute of Fitness Educators. After surviving cancer in his early 70's, Bill enjoyed working with people who were recovering from surgeries and other health challenges.

Bill always believed that weight training with proper form is a great way to dramatically reduce osteoporosis, mitigate the effects of diabetes, improve flexibility and balance (great for fall prevention), and sharpen mental abilities. He believed that we can all age gracefully.

When Bill was diagnosed with cancer a second time in 2016 he completed an intensive treatment regimen and continued to work, stay fit and enjoy himself, spending extra time with family and friends.

Bill passed away peacefully at home in September of 2018. We miss his megawatt smile and friendly encouragement. As Bill would say "Motion is lotion!".